#23- YARROW,  Achillea millefolium

Yarrow is such an amazing plant. It is so useful in first aid to stop bleeding. Yarrow helps heal and repair skin and it makes an excellent salve ingredient. Yarrow can help bring down a fever. The pollinators love it too. The white yarrow blooms for several weeks so you can continually collect flowers to tincture or dry. You do not want to use the yellow, red or pink ornamental varieties. It’s the common white yarrow that you want.

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This is my longest video yet. There’s a lot of info and rambling in here:

You can use Lemon eucalyptus essential oil in your yarrow tincture insect repellant too! I get it that some guys may not want to smell like rose geranium.

As soon as you come in from a tick habitat throw your clothes in the dryer on high. That will kill any ticks that are crawling on your clothes. Next jump in the shower. Ticks love warm cracks and crevices of the body.  Check behind your ears and knees, armpits, inner thighs, etc.  

I hope you can enjoy the beauty of nature.  Be smart, take precautions but don’t live in fear, that’s not a happy place for anyone. 

*** Dr Frid has created a line of suits for kids.

Research & Articles:

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Yarrow herb is stronger than DEET at repelling mosquitos and ticks, and it's completely non-toxic

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