#16- JAPANESE KNOTWEED, Polygonum Cuspidatum

Japanese Knotweed is a large, herbaceous perennial plant that loves to grow near flowing water.  I prefer to harvest right before it leafs out or just as the first leaves emerge. I find that harvesting stalks and roots in early Spring makes the best medicine. The stalks freezes easily and is a great addition to fruit smoothies. I am experimenting with juicing the young stalks, pouring the juice into ice cube trays. It’s nice to have little cubes of juice to add to salad dressings, fruit salads, kale salad, etc when needed. 

Japanese knotweed is effective against Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria. As mentioned in the video, Japanese’s Knotweed is anti fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-spirochetal, and anti-oxidant. (to name just a few actions)

It is a detox herb and can helps reduce Herxheimer reactions. It helps calm the central nervous system. It protects the heart and the body from endotoxin damage, making it a great option for Lyme Disease treatment. 

Stephen Buhner has written extensively about the wonders of Japanese Knotweed in several of his books. He is a brilliant man and gifted herbalist and I encourage you all to investigate his work.

Ants tend to love knotweed. Be sure to give it a good soaking in cool water to get all the ants off.


There are over 2,000 studies on Japanese knotweed. Just search the internet and you’ll find them.

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