#19- HAWTHORN, Crataegus spp.

Hawthorn is a tree in the rose family. It is best known for it’s ability to help protect and strengthen the heart. As mentioned in the video, one can tincture the flower, leaves and berries with 45% alcohol, but that is not the only way to include Hawthorn in your diet. One can infuse red wine with the leaves, berries or flowers. You can make hawthorn flower or berry infused honey or vinegars. I have even had Hawthorn berry jam. I’ve known folks to put leaves in soup and smoothies. It can also be powdered and put into capsules.

In the video, I explain how the leaves are highest in procyanadines in the fall but there are many chemicals constituents throughout the tree. Hawthorn is high in flavonoids, antioxidants, chlorogenic acid, sterols, catechins, triterpene, Vitamin C, and pectin to name a few.

Hawthorn is helpful to slow down cardio vascular damage. Some doctors advise its use in recovery from heart surgery. It is known to improve blood flow through coronary arteries by strengthening heart contractions, which makes the heart more efficient in pumping blood and improving circulation. 

As always, check with your health professional before adding a new herb, supplement or protocol to your routine. 

Here are pictures of the flowers, notice the “thorns”:

IMG 2970
IMG 2976

IMG 2983

In the video above, I mention the feeling of wanting to avoid medical care because Lyme is so misunderstood and judged in the medical community. There have been so many times where I really should have gone to the hospital but I didn’t because I felt like no one would have taken me seriously. I know so many people with Lyme who endure horrible pain and unthinkable suffering because when they go to seek help they will be told once again “everything is normal” and “it’s all in your head”.  “We’d like to introduce you to Mr. Idon’tbelieveyou, head of the psych ward”.  Seriously folks, if the pain and suffering is so uncomfortable consider going to the hospital, especially when it’s your heart! My husband experiences Lyme Carditis. There have been times where we have gone to Urgent Care or the ER because the pain is so bad or he can hardly breathe. We don’t tell them he has Lyme at first. We have found we receive better medical care when we don’t. We let them run their tests and while discussing results, we mention the history of Lyme. Most psychians we have encountered in the ER have no education of Lyme’s effect on the heart. Some are grateful to learn where others scoff. How I look forward to the day when Lyme is covered in depth in medical schools!

David Skidmore of Lyme Loonies is trying to help us find some humor in this awful predicament. Some times it’s so bad that all we can do is laugh. This cartoon of David's sums it up pretty well…


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