#20- SAGE, Salvia Officinalis

Garden Sage is a common kitchen garden plant that has so much potential as an herbal antibiotic and anti microbial. It also has anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and anti-viral actions. It is considered a carminative, meaning that it helps to reduce flatulence and bloating, as well as decreases intestinal cramping.

Sage inhibits enzymes that break down acetylcholine making it a great herb for memory and improving cognitive function. Acetylcholine also plays an important role in muscular system as well as the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system function.  

It is easy to find at garden supply stores and can be bought fresh cut in the produce section of most grocery stores. It is an antioxidant and reduces effects of free radicals. It is also high in Vitamin K.

Sage tea can be used as wound wash and makes wonderful a salve ingredient. It is especially helpful when the skin is oozing. 

Sage tea can be drank at the first signs of cold or flus. It’s in my “mama arsenal” when my boys tell me they have a tickle in their throats or I see the first signs of a sniffle.

In the video I mention how perspiration can happen as the body tries to cleanse itself. This can happen with when an infection or a toxin is present. The body is so wise to try to sweat it out. However, excessive sweating can also be a sign of hormone or adrenal imbalance. 

Here is a link to Dr. Alan MacDonald’s amazing research on Lyme and Alzheimer that is mentioned in the video. 

I have seen references to tincturing anywhere between 65-95% alcohol!

Here’s my little Eben harvesting the Sage:


sage pic


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