#35-DAN SHEN - RED SAGE , Salvia miltiorrhiza

Dan Shen is such a pretty perennial plant that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. I was first introduced to this herb by my acupuncturist many many moons ago and it popped up again while I was studying Stephen Buhner’s wisdom filled Lyme Co-infection books.

This will be my first year making tincture with homegrown Dan Shen. I will follow Stephen’s instructions and wait to harvest the roots until after the first hard frost. We’ll dry it in the green house so it gets light and warmth and then tincture it up. I really encourage all of you to read Stephen’s books. He is an herbal genius! 

Stephen writes that Dan Shen has some fat soluble chemical compounds that can only be lipid extracted. Therefore some boil the roots in whole milk, but I’d like to experiment with making a coconut oil decoction.

In the video I mentioned how Stephen indicated the use of Dan Shen for Sepsis. Folks, Sepsis is SERIOUS!!! Get your butts to the hospital if you suspect Sepsis!!!! If Sepsis is something that you have dealt with or deal with regularly consider having a conversation with your doctor about trying Dan Shen as a preventative. 

Interestingly, Dan Shen is one of the main ingredients in Bob Miller's (Methyl Genetic Nutrition) Mast Cell Balancer formula.

IMG 1032

Winter Harvest:

IMG 1036


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