#18- MULLEIN, Verbascum Thapsus

Mullein is a biennial plant with large fuzzy green leaves. It’s leaves are well known for helping respiratory ailments.  Mullein leaves are often used in teas or herbal steams. Its leaves make a tasty tea. They also make a great skin healing salve ingredient. The leaves are available year round in WNC so I hardly ever think to tincture it. However, the root is the part we do tincture in 50% alcohol. Mullein roots are used for bladder discomfort and incontinence.  Mullein flowers are often made into ear oils. It’s a beautiful plant that the pollinators love to visit when in flower. Historically, people used to dry the Mullein stalks after they were done flowering. They would make torches or outdoor candles with by dipping the seed head into wax. 

Here is a picture of Mullein in flower. 

IMG 2914

I want to make sure that you don’t misidentify Verbascum (Mullein) as Digitalis (Foxglove)!!!!

IMG 3125

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