#28- REISHI- Ganoderma Lucidum 

Years ago, when I told a Chinese friend that I had Lyme and that was I seeing specialists and was taking all these medicines and supplements she lovingly responded by sending me Ling zhi mushrooms (Reishi) in the mail. I didn’t know exactly how to prepare them. I drank the tea but it was hard to down it even with A LOT of honey in it. It’s funny how life unfolds and how we sometimes come full circle back to something. It’s not that Reishi is the one and only thing that has helped me get better. How I wish it were that easy! It’s been a mainstay in my family's treatment for a while now. 

When  my family and I left Mendocino County, CA and headed to the southeast we had no idea that we would soon be blessed by the abundant Reishi here. I am so grateful to have medicine growing outside my door that I have a relationship with. It has been amazing to witness the drastic reduction of inflammation and histamine response while taking reishi. My husband had Lyme really effect his digestion. His food choices became extremely limited. Since using reishi daily he’s been able to eat so many more foods and even reintroduced dairy without any allergic reactions or sensitivities. We’re so grateful!

There are so many great attributes of Reishi. I have mentioned numerous in the video below but there are links to more articles and videos below:

reishi harvest
reishi boys

The thing I failed to mention in the video is when you combine your alcohol and and water extractions you want it to be no less than 30% alcohol when combined. If it’s less tan 30% it has the chance of going bad and not having an extended shelf life. 

Here is a link to Paul Stamets, who I mentioned in the video. He owns ‘Host Defense’ which makes all sort of medicinal mushroom extracts including Reishi. See product below:

Reishi Articles:

Dr. Axe’s write up on Reishi

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Here is link to over 30 research articles on Reishi: 

Here are some more Reishi videos:

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