#15- Teasel, Dipsacus Sylvestris

Teasel is a biennial plant. We harvest the roots in the autumn of the first year's growth and in the spring of the second year before it starts to send up a flower stalk. Teasel is a beautiful plant. Some consider it invasive. If you grow it in your garden and aren’t careful about seed collection you make soon have a teasel garden and angry neighbors! It has a beautiful purple cone flower that was historically used as a comb. Some would card wool with it. The plant has many beneficial uses but it’s leaves, stalks and flowers all have little spines on them. Some prefer to wear gloves when working with the plant. In the video, I mentioned putting the chopped roots into a VitaMix blender. I do so by barely covering the roots with alcohol and blending it up and pouring that into a mason jar. It is important to make sure that there is enough alcohol to completely cover the pulverized roots. I let tincture sit for 3 weeks or longer before decanting. Lastly, in the video I did remember the title of Wolf Storl’s book incorrectly. The title is ‘Healing Lyme Disease Naturally’.



I really enjoy Avena Botanicals’ video on Teasel. We do not let our Teasel get so big, as we’re after young roots but this video provides a great example of seeing the mature plant:

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