#40, MOTHERWORT, Leonurus cardiaca

Motherwort is a perennial in the mint family. It blooms in late summer. The blossoms are tinctured fresh or dried and capsulated into medicine. Some folks enjoy Motherwort tea, but I find it too bitter for my liking. Its bitter nature does help strengthen digestion. 

Motherwort has been a very helpful herb for me. I think parenthood is hard even for those abundantly blessed with all the support and money they wish. I often feel rather alone in the challenge of having Lyme disease and caring for children who have it also. I have little family support besides my husband.  My family and my husband’s family are not physically present in our children’s lives. They will give a call or send a card once in a while, but there’s no one to call to come over when there are great joys or sorrows at hand. There is no family gathered around my children to sing them happy birthday. I see people who have a loving supportive family as the richest people in the world! Sometimes I imagine that I have a Mama to call to come help when everyone is herxing or pain levels are high. I think that must be the most wonderful feeling in the world, to have someone who loves you and wants to help and support you. I’m trying to be that kind of parent for my own children. 

From the videos or Instagram feed, you may think I have this pristine life, and in many ways I do, but somedays I want to run from the constant struggle of Lyme, but whenever I go, there it is.… Sometimes I want forget about treatments and thoughts of who needs what therapy or special meal plan. Some days I want to run or dance my worries away and yet my physical body won’t even allow such relief,  so I sit quietly. I breath. I stretch. I dig. I make compost. I plant and weed things. I walk slowly in nature and try with my all my might and will to fulfill this role, this task being asked of me in the most loving way possible. Sometimes it feels too heavy and I will surely dissolve but I’m still here plodding along.  Managing a family with chronic Lyme is enough to make even the kindest most compassionate person a bit crazy. So Motherwort, despite what some say about its possible thyroid side effects keeps me sane. It keeps me calm. It helps me have a courageous heart and be creative for my children when it feels like my inner well is dry. I am so very grateful for its help!

motherwort pics


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The effect of Leonurus cardiaca herb extract and some of its flavonoids on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in the heart

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)

Effect of Leonurus cardiaca oil extract in patients with arterial hypertension accompanied by anxiety and sleep disorders

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