#6- DANDELION, Taraxicum officinalis

Dandelion is such a wonderful nutritive and detoxifying herb. In the video posted below, I mention dandelion’s protective qualities for the lymphatic system, liver, spleen, gall bladder and pancreas but I failed to mention dandelion’s ability to help balance blood sugar. It’s very helpful in hypoglycemia.  It also can work as a very gentle laxative for those that tend to be constipated. Our family has dandelion teas several times during the week to help keep those toxins moving out. You can put fresh leaves in smoothies, stir fry, pesto, and cook them in with your kale, collards, or nettle. For those of you in drier climates who only have dandelion in the springtime, you can collect as much leaf as possible and freeze it. 

When I was bed bound with Lyme I was too sick to do anything for myself. I had all this herbal knowledge and yet I couldn’t get out of bed to practice it. When I think of those bed bound with Lyme, I want to make them all dandelion tea. This herb can be so helpful and it’s FREE! 

Here’s Dandelion growing between a rock and hard place… It’s trying to teach us something! When life squeezes us so hard, when there is no softest around~ bloom!! 

IMG 1398
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