These are some ways we detox from Lyme Disease toxins. 

*This is not medical advice! ~This is how my family manages detoxing.

Not mentioned in the video below is our habit of eating organic foods. I can’t believe I forgot to mention beloved dandelion. Dandelion greens are great in salads and we love dandelion root tea. Juicing (lots parsley & celery juice) as well as intermittent fasting are wonderful aids in our detox process. Only the adults in our home use internment fasting! All of our medical team feels fasting is not appropriate for children. With my boys constant need to fuel up I’m not going to push that!

Some people find pectin to be a great toxin binder. Some people use Earthing  to assit detox. The Earthing concept is basically to go outside on a clean unpolluted ground barefoot, be conductive to the Earth's natural frequency energy.  When I was bed bound we slept on an Earthing sheet. It was hard for me to feel at ease outside in nature after getting sick with Lyme and living in a tick infested environment. After we moved away from Mendocino County, CA to the mountains of Western North Carolina where we could be in nature again without having 20 ticks crawling on us at any given moment I realized how nature starved I was. It’s a funny thought because I lived on 40 acres of rolling hills outside of Willits, CA but I could hardly enjoy it. Being able to sit next to a wildflower lined creek or river or lay in a meadow without constantly tick checking has been profoundly healing for our family. 

Along side the thoughts of Earthing, we like to wear natural fiber clothing like cotton, wool, silk, etc to help us be better conduits of nature’s energy. 

Good sleep is also a vital part of detox.  It’s my understanding that during sleep, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid increases dramatically to the brain. The fluid helps wash away harmful waste that builds up between brain cells during waking hours. Insomnia can be a very frustrating symptom of Lyme. I do whatever I can to promote good sleep. I drink nervine teas before bed. Oat straw and milky oats is one of my favorites along with chamomile. I take prolonged release melatonin. I take a large dose of magnesium and CBD oil before bed. I try not to do computer work late at night. Sometimes I use crampbark to keep muscle twitches at bay. I need my sleeping area to be completely dark. I have no tolerance for any bit of street light or LED glare from a smoke detector or electronic device. When I sleep in a hotel I need to bring dark fabric and electrical tape to cover all those little blue lights from TVs or arm clocks otherwise I will not get a wink. I encourage you all to experiment and see what works best for your sleep. Some people like weighted blankets or a colder room to sleep in. Find what works for you.

I should mention that some people have little problems detoxing. I have a dear friend who was in terrible pain from Lyme Disease. She finally went to a LLMD and got on doxycycline. She felt fantastic while on doxy and she even started running again. When I went on doxy, I thought I was going to die. We are all so different. Each person's needs are unique. Some people have genetic variants that compromise their ability to detox well.  ~ I’m one of those people which is probably why I was motivated to try all these methods.

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