#39 GREATER CELANDINE, Chelidonium majus

My husband, Jem, has had Lyme since childhood. He had some serious neurological complications from it. His word forming and speech were really impaired. Most people thought he was really shy and often didn’t understand that he really couldn't come up with the words to speak. We’ve been treating for decades. He’s tried everything under the sun, allopathic and natural. 

Last year, he finally did the DNA Connexions urine test. We learned that he was harboring Ehrlichia, a co-infection that we never thought to treat because ehe never before tested positive for it. We were treating from an angle of Babesia and Bartonella but completely missed Ehrlichia. Jem began herbal treatment which included Greater Celandine. My husband is not cured but oh my goodness the difference is immense. Sometimes pulling back those layers of co-infections are so vital to be able to move forward in treatment. 

He used Greater Celandine tincture for 3 months. His ability to think and communicate was improved tremendously. Greater Celandine isn’t an herb that is recommended for long term use, but its short term use was very effective for Jem. It inspired us to grow a patch here on the farm.

Some use the roots of Greater Celandine in their tinctures. The plant can grow as a perennial here in Western North Carolina. I will only tincture the leaves and flowering tips so that the plant may return again next year. 

I purchased my seeds from Strictly Medicinal. The seeds prefer dark moist soil for germination. 

IMG 3607

I appreciate this informative video by the Hawthorne sisters from Ancient Origins Medicinals


Chelidonium majus L. (Greater celandine) – A Review on its Phytochemical and Therapeutic Perspectives 

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