#3 - NETTLE, Urtica dioica 

Nettle is such an amazing plant. We drink Nettle tea nearly every day at my home. There are so many amazing properties to nettle, it is hard to mention them all. A few things I did not mention in the video is that nettle helps stimulate hair follicles so those of you who are loosing your hair like crazy you might want to bring more nettle into your life. Nettle has been used in midwifery for ages. It is thought to be a pregnancy safe herb and a helpful galactagogue (increases breast milk production). Because of the high mineral content of nettle, I infuse it overnight and start drinking my tea in the morning. The long infusion helps pull minerals out of the nettle and into the tea. You can also make nettle vinegar, nettle bread, nettle beer, etc, etc….

Nettle can help anemia because of the high iron content. Bob Miller, has a very interesting view of Lyme and anemia, which is worth looking into! 


This chart by breaks down the chemistry of a nettle sting. I’ve found fresh plantain leaf to help relieve the sting the most.

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Here are some Nettle pancakes that my kids chomp down! 
Give them greens and they will grow!

IMG 1224

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