#33- JIAOGULAN, Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Known as the “Herb of immortality", Jiaogulan, is thought of as a powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic herb.  Adaptogenic herbs help mitigate the stress responses in the body. They can help balance hormones, the adrenals, blood pressure and blood sugar. They can help increase physical endurance and mental focus as well as balance our moods. Jiaogulan has all these wonderful adaptogen properties and it is also anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti fungal. It boosts the immune system, protects and strengthens the nervous system. It is a nitric oxide regulator. Jiaogulan stimulates the production of the antioxidant glutathione. It can help our body detox toxins and it is protective of the liver. I think you’re getting the point of why many have referred to it as “The Herb of Immortality”. It is important to note that while many do refer to Jiaogulan as “Poor Man’s Ginseng” there are other plants that have been given that same common name and that’s why Latin names are so important!  Codonopsis pilosula has also been coined with the common name “Poor Man’s Ginseng”. Jiaogulan is so incredibly easy to grow. It will trellis up your deck or make a lovely cascading houseplant. 

Well, my friends, enjoy climbing stairs, changing things for the better, and stepping closer to your goals each day.  

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Antiobesity effect of Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract (actiponin): a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

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Jiaogulan Research

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